A couple of experimental / daft poems in homage to Ivor Cutler

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Tokyo nightlines (concrete poem formed from the deconstruction of a Google translated story in The Asahi Shinbun 19/7/2018)

The Financial Services Agency was on a famous entertainer, 

I explained to Seiko Noda, who had been pointed out by “a friend.”

Mr. Noda who was deeply involved in business illegality,

having affairs with the officials of the general minister said 

that the official office of a company

attend the Financial Services Agency


Mr. Noda said that the office of the general affairs minister, Seiko Noda, was having the officials of the Financial Services Agency to attend a company official who had been pointed out by the Financial Services Agency on business illegality, I explained with a famous entertainer who was deeply involved in “a friend.”


I’d like a record player saying rockaday jonny tell yer ma tell yer pa 

all loves’re gonna go ooaa ooaa

and some records

but apart from that just books:

cook books, bake books, sleep books wake books 

plant books herb books bird books word books 

drawing books paint books, a book of funny looks

books in nooks books we took when the walls shook

a book of cunning crooks another full of hooks

no flukes no cooking of the books just books.

Looks good with all these books

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