MY Twitter followers - the clamouring hordes of them - may be relieved to hear I’ve just emerged from my Book Week Scotland rereading challenge of Alasdair Gray’s magnum opus, Lanark.  The conclusion: like Ulysses, Lanark’s a struggle in parts, but deserves its reputation as one of the Great Scottish Novels, if not the Big … Continue reading Lanark


On Bentham’s Head

Opponent of slavery. Advocate of gay and animal rights. Social reformer. Conceptualiser of the Panopticon - a method of incarceration coupled with complete surveillance. What a curious, contradictory figure Jeremy Bentham was. Is. Because even though he died in 1832, this enlightenment social philosopher wanted his body to remain present in the world. Literally. So he requested … Continue reading On Bentham’s Head

A couple of experimental / daft poems in homage to Ivor Cutler

Tokyo nightlines (concrete poem formed from the deconstruction of a Google translated story in The Asahi Shinbun 19/7/2018) The Financial Services Agency was on a famous entertainer,  I explained to Seiko Noda, who had been pointed out by "a friend.” Mr. Noda who was deeply involved in business illegality, having affairs with the officials of … Continue reading A couple of experimental / daft poems in homage to Ivor Cutler