Book Review: A Gentleman in Moscow

If Marco Roth is right and we’re currently living in the age of the ‘neuronovel’, then Amor Towles’ A Gentleman in Moscow, published last year in the UK, might be considered the antithesis of that trend. With his aristocratic protagonist (reduced to waitering in the hotel where he used to reside as a gentleman of leisure), … Continue reading Book Review: A Gentleman in Moscow

Review: Captain Abdul’s Pirate School

My daughter recently turned four, and things piratical had already been on her radar, but since we read Colin McNaughton's  Captain Abdul's Pirate School they have become an obsession. This is all good with me. Pirates are a change from Elsa and Anna, and McNaughton's story with illustrations is a belter. "My Dad says he wanted to … Continue reading Review: Captain Abdul’s Pirate School