Application refused! (bureaucratic flash fiction)

...these foreigners, God help us. They land at Narita, doesn't matter if they don't have two braincells to rub together, the very next day lo and behold they've got a job teaching English. Some crook running a godawful tinpot eikaiwa above a Tsutaya two blocks behind Kawasaki station takes them on after checking they can … Continue reading Application refused! (bureaucratic flash fiction)

On Bentham’s Head

Opponent of slavery. Advocate of gay and animal rights. Social reformer. Conceptualiser of the Panopticon - a method of incarceration coupled with complete surveillance. What a curious, contradictory figure Jeremy Bentham was. Is. Because even though he died in 1832, this enlightenment social philosopher wanted his body to remain present in the world. Literally. So he requested … Continue reading On Bentham’s Head

A couple of experimental / daft poems in homage to Ivor Cutler

Tokyo nightlines (concrete poem formed from the deconstruction of a Google translated story in The Asahi Shinbun 19/7/2018) The Financial Services Agency was on a famous entertainer,  I explained to Seiko Noda, who had been pointed out by "a friend.” Mr. Noda who was deeply involved in business illegality, having affairs with the officials of … Continue reading A couple of experimental / daft poems in homage to Ivor Cutler