Thoughts on T Singer

Dag Solstad’s T Singer is a cautionary tale of an absurd individual.  A warning, funnily enough you might think, for a 'literary' writer, against books. Singer, who for ten years tried to write, gave up when he realised he had nothing to say - there are some funny passages descibring his decade-long attempts to remould … Continue reading Thoughts on T Singer


February: Touching on The Untouchable

Surely no word better illustrates the essential duplicity of language itself than ‘radical’. In common usage, a radical is someone with extreme views; a radical idea is one that wants to wipe away the existing orthodoxy and start afresh. And yet, the latin root of the word is radicare, to root; not ‘root out’ as … Continue reading February: Touching on The Untouchable

Application refused! (bureaucratic flash fiction)

...these foreigners, God help us. They land at Narita, doesn't matter if they don't have two braincells to rub together, the very next day lo and behold they've got a job teaching English. Some crook running a godawful tinpot eikaiwa above a Tsutaya two blocks behind Kawasaki station takes them on after checking they can … Continue reading Application refused! (bureaucratic flash fiction)