On Bentham’s Head

Opponent of slavery. Advocate of gay and animal rights. Social reformer. Conceptualiser of the Panopticon - a method of incarceration coupled with complete surveillance. What a curious, contradictory figure Jeremy Bentham was. Is. Because even though he died in 1832, this enlightenment social philosopher wanted his body to remain present in the world. Literally. So he requested … Continue reading On Bentham’s Head


21st century Scotland’s answer to J.G. Ballard

Jenni Fagan is one of the most interesting figures in Scottish and probably world literature right now. She was already an award-winning poet when her debut novel, The Panopticon, came out in 2013 and established her reputation. It’s the narrative of a teenage girl, Anais, who has grown up in care. At the start of … Continue reading 21st century Scotland’s answer to J.G. Ballard